UI Gold

So, I've had a few different online bank and credit card accounts over the years. I keep one open with a balance of $20, as it has no fees, and is my oldest (read: most credit score friendly) account. My current account is with a credit union, where I have a checking account (internal to their web system), and a credit card account (on a third-party web system). The checking account has a very simple feature that's really incredible; it lets me rename transactions.

For example, when I see "AT trans 201 Wash Ave, 20973", I can click edit, type in "Local 7-11 ATM, cash for football tickets", and instead of "PAYPAL.COM", "Paypal - eBay teeshirt order". If I do this once a week, it's easy to do, and if I were so inclined, they let me categorize things to do a rudimentary budget. Since they only keep three months of transactions, categorization feels a bit much. If the data didn't fall off the map for more than a year, I might give it a go, albeit with a small number of categories (necessities, food, beer, gasoline, vacation, permanent stuff). In any case, being able to rename transactions is pure feature gold to me.

Anyways, I know this is available in third party software (Quicken, etc), but it's nice to have it built into the webclient from the bank, as it's easy to do, and a *huge* bonus for me. What got me today is how much I'd like this in another application: email. I tend to archive certain emails for a long, long time; for example, the registration code to my copy of Tag & Rename, a great piece of software. The problem is that the subject of that email is "Your registration code!", and not "Tag & Rename 3.1 Registration". I know that a fulltext search through all of my email would return what I wanted (and has!), but I want to just scroll through my mail and have some chance of picking it out via the subject.

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