Apple goes One for Two

So, after my last post being enthusiastic about the Airport Express using Wireless Distribution Services, I need to add this addendum. They changed the Airport Express, adding some new functionality, but removing the ability to accept 26-character 104-bit hex WEP keys. If you're building an audio network from scratch with the new ones, you're fine. If you're using only the old ones, you're fine. Otherwise, you have to walk a very thin line that doesn't seem to yet be documented anywhere, unfortunately.

I wound up trading an Apple store employee my brand-new 802.11n Express for his used 802.11g, which solved the problem more quickly than tinkering with the tech on this one. Works for me, but *wow*, did Apple drop the ball on being cross compatible with it's *own* products. Argh. Two more hours of my life gone to errata.

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