Game show data

That's been a very long break, so here goes.

 I'm curious how many reality and game shows have available data online. Was watching The Voice and trying to figure out if judges who turn their chairs late in the audition have a lower chance of winning contestants they're interested in; if Adam Levine turns around a minute in, and Blake Shelton turns around two minutes in, how much better are Adam's odds compared to Blake's?

That ignores artificial and hidden effects; if the producers have told the judges to do something, that's hidden to the audience. "Two of you must turn around for this contestant", or somesuch. But those might not happen, and aren't something you can control for based on external data.

 But the really neat thing about reality shows and/or game shows is that all of the primary data is just right there; you can watch the shows and just measure what you're interested in learning about. In this case, someone already did the analysis, so I don't have to; the second judge has about four seconds to turn around, and if they don't, they only have a 17% chance of winning. Ouch!

 Now, if someone has the data from the wheel spins on the Price Is Right, I'm super curious if the odds of getting $1 are neutral, or if the wheel's been weighted. :-)

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