Twitter vs Buzz vs Facebook updates

Once you get over a trivial number of friends - once you have more than one social circle - Twitter doesn't scale at all. If I send a public reply, my followers get it... but don't have the context originally.

So, it works well, until you get beyond one social circle, and then the whole thing goes to hell. It's great for shouting something to a larger group (at the Sharp Edge Beer Palace!), great for content-free posts (I'm pooping!), but terrible for conversation.

It's interesting to see that both Google Buzz and Facebook Status Updates address this; you have well-threaded replies that don't ping your followers unless they were one of the repliers. Buzz scales better than Facebook; Facebook defaults to emailing you further updates, while Buzz simply bumps replied-to responses that you previously replied to to the top of your stack.

Dunno. I still don't understand Twitter. A friend mailed them a (relatively huge) public security bug three or four years ago, which took them the better part of three or four years to fix. (An http: should have been an https: when pointing at Gmail.) Not impressed?

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