Not sure if it has any level of acceptance or not, but AppFuse 2.1 is out.

AppFuse is a group of folks bundling together a set of technologies to build a web site using Java. Instead of starting from scratch on a new project, the goal is to give you a running start, which hugely speeds up small projects.

It'll automatically generate code with your choice of persistence framework using a few easy to understand best practices. It can use Struts, Spring MVC, Stripes, or Tapestry. Dojo, DWR, and Scriptaculous are built in. It uses Maven2. It ties into all major databases. Acegi security. SiteMesh, all of Spring, and a couple more touches on top of all of that.

I played with in in V1, and it was an excuse to get familiar with Maven. Might have to dig in now that they've updated, and added quite a few more kitchen sinks.

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