New iPhone OS

Apple fixed almost every gripe I've ever had with my iPhone in the 3.0 release of the OS.

  • Full bluetooth - stereo headphones work in iTunes, file transfer, contacts transfer
  • MMS - send and receive pictures. this took embarrassingly long, but is finally there
  • cut and paste - apparently you can also shake the phone to undo/redo
  • landscape mode - text messages and emails work in landscape mode, same as Safari already did
  • spotlight - search the phone for anything
  • no multitasking, but push notification - unread email counts and other app information can update in the background, but can't run in the background. apparently backgrounding kills battery life.
  • a tethering client (but AT&T isn't yet onboard with tethering).
  • Turn by turn on GPS apps, but not in Google Maps due to licensing restrictions.
  • calendar update, support for CalDAV
  • new stock app, but bloomberg's free app already had that base covered.
  • voice memos. like a personal audio recorder.

On the minus side, my first-generation phone doesn't get the updates to MMS and bluetooth, which are the big two for me.

I'm debating buying a new phone the next time they upgrade the hardware (my contract still has six months left). Any idea when the next upgrade is supposed to go through?


ryptide said...

Folks are finding references to new/different devices in the new firmware.

I wouldn't be surprised if they drop a new phone in Summer...

Anonymous said...

iPhones have been updated every June/July since 2007. iPods have been updated each September/October since 2001.