Killer Feature Example

So, I have more than one bank account. My desk at work is about 100 feet to the nearest ATM for the national bank that I use. But most of my transactions go through a credit union on a military base (that I no longer have easy access to), which doesn't have any external ATMs, nor any external branches I've ever visited. The reason for using the least convenient bank possible? They have one killer feature. One.

For the credit union, they allow me to nickname each individual transaction. So when I see $27 from last Thursday, I name it "Dinner @ Amsterdam Deli". When I see the recurring $74, I write "Phone Company". That way, when I go back into my account register three months from now, I don't see the horribly cryptic names that these started out as, but very, very simple names I chose myself.

From an implementation standpoint, this is an afterthought; a single extra database column, and one extra screen to edit that column. But it keeps an account around that I otherwise would have cancelled last year, and until my local bank gets around to this one, I have no interest in switching where my money goes.

Anyone else have a good example of a killer feature that gets you to use a service you otherwise wouldn't?

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