OS/X Automator

So, was having troubles with my rsync backup; the destination drive preserves case but is case insensitive (FAT), so things were backing up *every* time. rsync doesn't do case insensitivity, so the easiest solution seemed to be lowercasing everything on the first drive that wasn't code.

rename is missing on OS/X; it has a man page, but no binary. Perl, I'm rusty enough that this turned into a nightmare, and got a script going that worked... if the file/directory doesn't have a space in it. Enter OS/X's Automator.

"Get Specified Finder Items" as the first task, "Get Folder Contents", check "Repeat for each subfolder", and then "Rename Finder Items", "Change Case", "Full Name", "Lower Case". Intuitive, quick, drag and drop, and done. Could have saved a lot of time by trying the Automator first.

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