Firefox Extensions

It's been done a lotta times. Here it goes again. The Firefox extensions I find most useful:

  • AdBlock. Block any image or page element, with wildcard support. Never view ads again.
  • All-In-One Gestures. It's really nice to right click, drag left, and go back a page.
  • BugMeNot. Bypass compulsory web registration on otherwise free content.
  • Del.Icio.Us. Easy interface to the social linking network.
  • Firebug. Edit and debug CSS and JavaScript in real time.
  • Forecastfox. For my non-dev browser, view the weather for the next few days.
  • Google Browser Sync. Keep all my computers' links in sync with each other.
  • IETab. Bring up an IE window in a Firefox tab.
  • JSView. Easily view external JavaScript files.
  • SwitchProxy. Easily switch between SSL tunnels.
  • Web Developer. Cavalcade of web design doodads.
Google Browser Sync is heavyweight, but pretty much necessary for me, across two laptops and two desktop machines. ForecastFox should probably be done with a stand-alone application, but the stand alone apps are even heavier weight. With all eleven add-ons active, Firefox still runs just fine on all of my machines, so game on.

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