OOP Job Opening in Washington, DC

So, I'm moving back to Pittsburgh to be closer to family, and sat down and talked with my current employer about it, and am trying to make the transition smooth on their end. So, a friendly small employer has a job opening:

Systems Analyst
-Small group of software developers and a sysadmin working on custom solutions for a DoD human resources office
-Technologies include C#.NET, Java/J2EE, SQL Server, Visual Studio, NHibernate, Ant, IIS, BEA, Subversion, of which OOP and SQL are necessities
-Candidate will have bachelors in CS or related field and three years experience, or six years relevant experience
-Candidate must be eligible for a Secret level clearance

Upsides: Everyone here is friendly. There are very specific goals for what must be accomplished, but enough extra time on top of that so that developers can work on what they feel is important to be addressed. There's a reasonable budget for new hardware and software, so you're never hamstrung by details. The pay and benefits are quite competitive. Everyone here is friendly.

Downsides: It isn't rocket science, it's software for an HR department. If you see yourself going home at the end of the day with code on the next lunar lander, keep looking. One of the projects in particular is in very mediocre shape from a maintenance standpoint, and is a pain to poke at when it breaks. There are no nearby restaurants to grab lunch, as well.

I've enjoyed the up much more than the down. I'm moving for family, and would really like to see my spot filled by someone awesome for a clean transition.

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