Data Organization

Well, when you don't plan to organize your data before you collect it, eventually you wind up with a bit of a mess. Today, had a few minutes of time I wanted to fill before lunch, and decided "why not clean up my bookmarks?"

I keep half of my bookmarks in Firefox; specifically, links that I'll want to use again and again. I sync that across the different machines I use with Google's Browser Sync Extension. For those who keep, ah, "questionable links" on their home computers, be warned that this syncs *all* of your bookmarks, so you might not want to go this route. The other half of my bookmarks, things that are public and that I won't want to use often, go to That would be recipes, news articles, art, humor, or anything else neat that might be worth remembering.

I've debated moving all of my links into delicious, but have held off on that, as it seems useful to have a 'core' set of links directly in the browser, without dropping into a web application. Also, much like cleaning my apartment, it's a priority to clean up my links... but a low priority, that only gets bumped up if the current state of affairs is blocking something higher in priority from getting done efficiently.

I'm curious for the few readers out there, how do you organize browser links? I have a few folders that all fit into the toolbar across the top of the browser, and nothing in the bookmarks menu; everything there's been moved to delicious. Trying to figure out how those folders should be laid out - if they need to be changed - is causing me more thought than I figured it would.

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Michael Cloppert said...

I place the stuff I use very frequently in my browser, with as a backup. Anything obscure or necessitating metadata (tagging) goes into delicious. If you're interested, mine's here.